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ReadEZ Spectacles

ReadEZ Spectacles are available in 12 colours (A-L) from our ReadEZ test centres around the country.  The colours have been carefully chosen by a team of vision experts to provide the optimum saturation (colourfulness) and transmittance (darkness) to minimise the symptoms of Meares-Irlen syndrome. If you wear prescription spectacles, you could use a ReadEZ clip-on or speak to your optician about ordering spectacles with a ReadEZ tint. If you do not require a spectacle prescription, you can order our non-prescription spectacles with your ReadEZ tint from one of our ReadEZ test centres.  Our ReadEZ test centres have a range of frame styles and sizes suitable for adults and children.

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What colour do I need?

If you already use coloured spectacles, a good starting point is to choose the nearest colour to these. You can also use our Coloured Lens Selector tool to confirm the optimum colour. NOTE: Research has shown that 85% of people with Meares-Irlen syndrome can be satisfied from the choice of the 12 ReadEZ colours. A few people are very specific in their choice of colour and may find that none of the ReadEZ colours are suitable. If this is the case you will need to consult an Optician who is able to provide a tint to your exact colour preference.

I think I may have Visual Stress

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Visual Stress, you are advised to have a full eye examination by an Optometrist before using overlays or coloured lenses in order to rule out other possible causes. Many optometrists can test you for Visual Stress and recommend an optimum colour for overlay and lenses. If you have had a recent eye examination, you can use our Coloured Lens Selector tool to see if reading is more comfortable with any specific colour. Many people find that reading is more comfortable using a coloured lens even if they have not been diagnosed with Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

Can I use the same colour as I use for my overlay?

When you use an overlay, only a small part of your visual field is coloured whereas when you look through a coloured lens, everything you see is coloured and the eye tends to adapt the colour. This means that the preferred colour for a coloured lens is sometimes different to the preferred colour for an overlay. If you already use an overlay, you could ask an Optician to assess you for the optimum colour for a tinted lens. Alternatively, you can try a variety of colours using our Coloured Lens Selector.

What colours are available

Spectacles are available in a range of styles and sizes and tinted to any of the ReadEZ colours (A-L).