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ReadEZ is dedicated to providing high quality evidence-based products for diagnosing and managing Visual Stress, at competitive prices.

There is good evidence that many people can benefit from using coloured overlays and coloured lenses and our aim is to make these benefits accessible to all.

Prof Thomson

The company is led by Professor David Thomson who spent 28 years teaching Optometry students at City University. His research led him to develop a wide range of software programs for vision testing and screening and these are now in use in over 8000 consulting rooms in the UK and many overseas.

Like many scientists, Professor Thomson was initially sceptical about the existence of Visual Stress as a phenomenon.  However, after conducting research in this area and testing hundreds of patients with the condition he became convinced that a significant proportion of the population can be helped to read more comfortably using coloured overlays and lenses.



However, he felt that the manual testing methods that were in use at the time were cumbersome and old fashioned and he set about developing software to streamline the process.  The software was launched in 2003 and became a firm favourite with hundreds of schools and opticians.

The original software was designed to determine the optimum colour for coloured overlays but there was increasing calls to extend the software to determine the optimum colour for coloured lenses.

As a result ReadEZ was formed and the company has since developed its own range of high quality coloured overlays, reading guides, coloured clip-ons and coloured spectacle lenses.  The software has been redeveloped to include a complete solution for screening and managing Visual Stress.

Our mission is to make the benefits of colour accessible to all by supplying a range of high quality, evidence-based solutions at reasonable prices.

Visual Stress is a condition where certain patterns (includings rows of words) cause discomfort. The symptoms can often be reduced by changing the background colour.

ReadEZ was developed by vision scientists led by Professor David Thomson. We are based in Hertfordshire and our products are used by thousands of Opticians and Teachers throughout the world.

Our products have been developed by experts in the field and are of the highest quality.  We also pride ourselves on our after-sales support and value for money.


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ReadEZ is part of Thomson Software Solutions
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